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We have become major yelppers since we moved to NYC, as the rating system and most of the reviews are quite accurate and trustworthy – do not try anything below 3.5 stars. We found this tiny restaurant called Recipe on the upper west side, and were lucky enough to get us a seat in this restaurant which only has room for about 20 people.

menu seems to be updated frequently with new dishes


We sat by the bar and there was this cute little old man dining by himself and he kept telling us how much he loves the fewd here.

entrance – these low dimming light bulbs are seen everywhere in new york restaurants

apple cider with gin

note: these are the pictures from our 1st visit. I ordered the apple cider again when we went back the 2nd time, unfortunately they’ve changed the chubby class and got rid of the cinnamon stick – the new presentation is quite disappointing actually.

soup of the day – it was delicious, if remembered correctly it was leek and cauliflower – $7

pan seared scallops with panzanella, green raisins, and tarragon – $9

lamb shank ragout – $21

pan seared sea bass with brussel sprouts, eggplant, zucchini – $22)

The fish was cooked perfectly, the apple cider vinegar sauce made the dish come together beautifully. Brussel sprouts added freshness to the dish. Best dish of the night.

cast iron fired banana tarte tartin wtih vanilla gelato – $8

Overall the fewd was really good, everything was well-seasoned and the caramely, crispy/moist banana dessert is a must-order item on the menu.

The only thing  less than satisfactory was the service. This restaurant always seems to be short-staffed, with one bartender and only one other server taking care of the rest of the tables. Went there twice and the servers would never tell us their special dish of the evening until we asked b/c we over heard him telling other tables. When asked for recommendations from the menu, they simply told us that everything was good and that there was no specialty dish.

The verdict – good fewd, but the service is lacking. Nevertheless, the upper west side seems to be a good place to try out some new flavours.



452 Amsterdam Ave. between 81st and 82nd street.

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