Cadina Grilled Clam Flavoured Chips

Cadina Grilled Clam Flavoured Chips

Be still my barely beating chip grease clogged heart.  Who is the genius that put grilled clams and potato chips together?  Cadina of course!  The only fear I have is the pittance of delicious chips in the bag leaving me in potato clam withdrawal.

Chip Bag Rear

Plankton was so kind to translate the back for us:

Carefully selected daily from the freshest clams, covered with a layer of japanese salt with a mild charcoal aroma on a carefully roasted Cadina potato chip.  Here’s the site:

It says it's very healthy, trust me.

A bazillion calories of deliciousness.

Open Bag

I opened the bag and half the chips evaporated!  Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Ok, it’s just Cadina’s way of telling us to lay off the fried calories

The Grilled Clams Chip

Like all Cadina chips, it’s thick with a meaty crunch. The clam flavour is actually more of a generic seafewd flavour.  This chip isn’t as savory as most Cadina chips.  It might be the sweetness of the seafewd powder overtaking the Japanese salt.  It’s a good chip, but I like the Cadina steak and spicy better.

Packaging: 10

Oiliness: 7

Crunch: 9

Flavour: 7

Value: 5

I leave you with a sexy closeup of the grilled clams on the bag that drew me to make the purchase.

Dramatic Clam Shot

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