Archer Farms General Tso Thick Cut Chips

General Tso are you serious???

Archer Farms General Tso thick-cut potato chips

You’re probably thinking what I thought when I first saw the package.  WTF right?  Or maybe you were thinking, where’s the hot and sour soup chips that comes with these chips?

The smell of panda express

I ate these chips in February so I’m working from memory here.  The bag is fairly large and resealable which is incredibly useful unless you want to polish off the whole bag and go into a chip guilt trip.  One thing you’ll notice is the smell of General Tso’s chicken wafting from the bag.  It’s scary how close the smell is.


The General Tso Chip

The chip is thick and ridge cut.  There’s a fair amount of flavour in each bite.  It tastes like a potato chop with General Tso sauce on it but dry.  It’s a bit greasy and on the salty side though.  I would eat this chip again if a friend was snacking on it and I was really hungry.

Archer Farms General Tso Chip

Packaging: 6

Oiliness: 3 (lower is worse)

Crunch: 6

Flavour: 5

Value: 4


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