Good Morning Mama’s – Indianapolis, IN


I am not a morning person at all, and this is my first and only breakfast I’ve had since moving to the U.S. Good Morning Mama’s is a cute retro-styled restaurant that is so bright and colorful it will wake you up no matter how hung over you are from the night before.

Hoosier version of LOCO MOCO

Hawaiian LOCO MOCO

Hawaiian LOCO MOCO: A bowl layered with rice, beef patty, fried egg and topped with brown gravy.

Hoosier version of LOCO MOCO (our favorite dish of the meal): A bowl layered with rice, fried potatoes, one egg and fried spam, a biscuit top and sausage gravy.

French toast

Cheesy Grits

Pasta Mama

Whole wheat spaghetti scrambled with eggs and parmesan reggian cheese and toast.



Good Morning Mama’s

1001 East 54th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220-3219
Opens Tues-Sun, 8am-2:30pm

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One thought on “Good Morning Mama’s – Indianapolis, IN

  • James

    You should try Biscuits, in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

    It’s a mexican-style diner, with a GREAT breakfast menu. I go whenever I’m back in town.