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Downtown LA at night.

Recently a cousin of mine was visiting the West Coast.  She asked me where the good places to eat were.  I sat down to write the email and it took me a good few hours to finish.  I realized, this isn’t a bad list.  So I wanted to share it with anyone interested.  It’s not anywhere near complete, please add via comments.

I know it’s a cop out place but I like it better than shake shack.  Get a double double animal style.  You can get fries animal style too, but always get the fries well done for great crunch plus  it gurantees fresh fries.
solid taco chain, be careful, some are in bad neighborhoods.


a little more pricey than normal mexican places but super good, it’s got great seafood too.  Closes at 2am I think.  I’ve not had anything bad here, almost everything is good.  Their salsa is delicious and very different.


Korea Town
there are 2 of these both same owners VERY good, it’s Oaxacan food which is another type of mexican food.  Try their moles and tamales.  So good.
If for some reason you want korean bbq, this is the best all you can eat place.  Just keep getting the sirloin.
This place doesn’t have anything special EXCEPT it has baked sweet potato pisa which is super delicious.


Hollywood Area
Pink’s is actually really good, there’s a snap when you bite into it.  Go off hours or if it’s cold and raining out b/c then there’s not much of a line.
chicken and waffles a soul food place, try to go there earlier in the day as it gets seedier at night.


San Gabriel/Monterey Park Area
This is one of my personal favorite vietnamese sandwich places, it’s less than 3 bucks a sandwich and will fill you up and is delicious.  It’s a little tiny bakery with no place to sit, so it’s better for grab and eat elsewhere.  (People will tell you to go to Lee’s or Mr. Baguette for these but this place blows them all out of the water.)  Oh the iced vietnamese coffee is good at Lee’s but it costs the same as a sandwich here.  Any of the sandwiches are great.
If you do go to the san gabriel area you HAVE to go here if you like seafewd.  It’s cajun styled steamed seafewd but then they toss it in cajun spices.  I like the shrimp, clams, dungeness crab and crawfish (though less meat and a lot of work).  Other things to get are fried catfish and wings.  The one on Main is bigger and a little less busy.  If both are too busy go to captain crab, which is pretty close by also.
This is cantonese style seafewd place.  It’s really good, the lobster in garlic sauce is great but pricey.
Din Tai fung is better than any tang bao place in NYC.  It’s the chain from Taiwan and they have Taiwan head chefs (with a bunch of amigos helping)  It’s really good though and if you’re in arcadia give it a whirl.
Soul Fewd Place near Glendale, not really close to anything but worth a visit if you like soul fewd.
There’s a bunch of Pho places in this area too, I’ll just list em out.
Golden Deli is the best but there is a line usually.  Pho 79 has really great spring rolls, but crap service.  No matter where you eat, always add beef balls.
Go to nacho place. Get the beef with green sauce, best nacho value in LA


Little Tokyo
I will list out the ramen places I like in order
Come here about 30 mins before you want to eat and put your name down.  Get pork broth ramen, but you want to get the diced pork in rice, so good.
Pretty solid all around no wait.  I get the pork broth here, the fried rice is decent.
No wait and right under orochon in the same astronaut plaza.  I get the tan tan mein here, great broth, sides aren’t too great here.
There’s good curry in Culver City no need to go to Little Tokyo


Sawtelle Ave. Near Culver City
Better than Curry house.  Get the chicken cutlet curry.
The standard curry place, they have locations all over LA, it’s pretty good also.


Culver City
Taco stand that has cheap but delicious homeade tacos.  A lot of times there’s a line.
Pretty famous place.  I’ve never been there but it’s got a good reputation.
Good fried chicken place in downtown culver
A higher class place with great solid american style food.  The chef is Harrison Ford’s son I think.  Get the chicken breast dish here as it’s the juciest chicken breast I’ve ever had.
Good cuban place with a lot of different dishes.


Invented the french dip?  I hear it’s great but I’ve never been there.
One of the best steak houses in LA.
One of the best meals of my life.  If you want to blow some serious loot on a great meal, the carte blanche tasting menu is one of the best.
Great value for a delicious tasting menu and great service.

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2 thoughts on “My LA guide

  • Cowboy Post author

    Definitely need to Philippe’s when I go back. I neglected to add Rosarito’s and have corrected my post.

  • Brian Wrightson

    Philippe’s is absolutely worth a visit. It’s kinda like a west coast Katz’s. In some weird way.