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seafood plateau royale

I keep telling myself that occasional seafood indulgence is totally acceptable and that I should practice this indulgence once every few months to keep my sanity. This time, we took our foodie guest from L.A. to our favorite seafood place in New York and made him pay for the meal. Visitors are always welcome!

tuna tartar hors d’oeuvres

We started off with complimentary hor d’oeuvres – tuna tartar served on potato chips.

bread selections of baguette, onion bread and corn bread

white salmon tartar drizzled with soy sauce and truffle oil

my absolute favorite dish at Aquagrill

The white salmon tartar is only a seasonal dish and is available on the specials menu. This was so good it made our friend tear up and stay very quiet for the rest of the meal.

So what’s white salmon you might ask. You can read about it here if interested.

Fluke roll with avocado, cucumber and peekytoe crabmeat in a wasabi soy vinaigrette

Local Dayboat Fluke Roll – $15.50

dirty gin martini – beware, these drinks are super delicious but cost $20 a pop


the seafood plateau royale

So Aquagrill offers two different types of seafood towers, the seafood plateau and the seafood plateau royale. They are priced daily and the ingredients vary by availability. The plateau usually has 6 oysters, 6 little neck clams, shrimp, mussels, and periwinkle snails. The Royal, which cost $230 this time, had everything in the normal plateau AND lobster tails, stone crab claws, king crab legs, conch, giant snails and sea urchin.

sea urchin aka uni


big, slimy snails

periwinkle snails, had to pick them out with toothpicks

king crab legs, super tender and tasted even better than the lobster

stone crab claws

lobster tails


conch, sliced and served in its own shell

more uni

oysters, got 2 from 3 different areas but forgot where. all were creamy and shucked perfectly.

little neck clams

taste like the ocean!



210 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012


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