Butter Milk Channel – Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn's famous Buttermilk Channel

Met up with a few friends at the Buttermilk Channel for brunch.  One of our friends used to work here so we probably got better treatment than normal, but I could be wrong it’s hard to tell.  The restaurant is smartly decorated in blues and white.  Kind of reminds me of the Indianapolis Colts which kind of makes me nostalgic for the days they used to win games.

Jelly donuts on the plate

The first thing we got was jelly donuts for each of us.

Closeup donut pr0n

The gooey innards

Light fluffy and with a jelly filling.  Definitely better than a donut hole.

Mimosa and Bloody Mary with oyster shooter

Mimosa was refreshing, bloody mary was a little salty today, though I heard the oyster was great.

Sausage Patties

Delicious sausage patties made in house with meat from Esposito’s.  These were savory balanced with sweet from the apples.  They were also pretty light and not dry.  These are basically anything you would want from a sausage patty.

House Cured Salmon Platter

Served with capers, toast, greens and cream cheese.  You have to build a portion on a piece of toast to really maximize the flavor of this dish.  The salmon stands out tasting bright and fresh.  Don’t forget the capers or it will be too mild.

Short Rib Hash

I like my hash mixed with my eggs, which left me scratching my head with the greens. I ate them anyways because they are good for you, supposedly.  The short rib hash really tasted a lot like normal hash with a slight beef flavour.  It’s tasty, but I think I’d want to try another dish next time.

Spinach Goat Cheese Scramble

Hotel style eggs with goat cheese and spinach.  The eggs were cooked really well, and the goat cheese gave it a nice sharp flavour.  I didn’t have the hash brown but it looked good.

A pretty good brunch place.  I don’t think you  can go wrong with any dishes.  The Sausage Patty actually was the best thing I had that day.  There can be a pretty long wait at times.  Five Leaves is also a good alternative and just as good.


Buttermilk Channel

Address:  524 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 712-852-8490


mon-thurs 5pm to 11pm

fri 5pm to midnight

sat brunch 10am to 3pm

sat dinner 5pm to midnight

sun brunch 10am to 3pm

sun dinner 5pm to 11pm

Pricing: Med for brunch

Food: Brunch/New American

Signature Dish: Chicken and Waffles

Facilities: Clean and bright during the day.

Service: Friendly, but they seem to really busy.



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