Watami (Taipei, Taiwan)

Watami is a Japanese franchise that has marketed itself as a Japanese casual restaurant and is proud of providing excellent service. (We’ll come back to the service part after the picture spam)

So, let’s have a look at the restaurant decor – the red-theme dining area, although a bit blinding delivers a warm and cozy feel.

dining room

wooden spoon wall decoration

Moving on to the fewd we ordered for 5 people –

Korean Dukboki (rice cakes)

Korean? yes you read that right. It appears that too many resturants are trying to incorporate different cuisines from various countries. IMAO restaurants should serve one type of cuisine and stick to it, unless they can make the fewd real good. In this case, focus on Japanese fewd, Watami!

Stone pot rice w/ seafewd & garlic

This was probably the best dish of the night. Very garlicky.

BBQ chicken / sea scallops / chicken wings / chicken cartilage

Tofu on tapan

cod roe and potatoes pizza

sumo hot pot

pork wrapped in eggs served on tapan

Another great dish of the night. The eggs were cooked to a good consistency and the pork was tender and non greasy.

We went on a Sunday night so the place was very busy. There were only two servers in the dining room area you see in the picture above. Our server was running around like crazy but still managed to keep a smile on her face.
This place is definitely designed for the teen – late 20’s crowd, the dishes they offered were fairly new and experimental thus attracting the younger generation.
The dishes we ordered today were priced from 140 to 250 TWD ($4 ~ $8 US) and the total price of the night was below 1500 TWD (less than $50 USD for 5 people!)
No doubt Watami is a place with great value for decent fewd.
(date of visit: January 10th, 2010)
p.s. they do a menu change every season

#38 Sec. 2, Zhongxiao W. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan
hours 11am~1am

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