Russ & Daughters – NYC

smoked salmon with everything bagel and scallion cream cheese

Before Russ & Daughters, I never thought that lox and bagels could possibly taste this good. Imagine thick, multiple layers of oily smoked salmon sliced perfectly, packed between NY style bagels with buttery, smooth cream cheese.

hello, oily fish

many, many layers of smoked salmon

This is no doubt the BEST lox and bagel I’ve ever had! Russ & Daughters offer a range of smoked salmon from different regions (Scottish, Norwegian, etc) and cream cheeses(scallion, horseradish, caviar, tofu, etc). This place is pricey, depending on the choice of salmon, it’s about $10 for a set of salmon+cream cheese+bagel. It’s definitely worth a try though!

Russ & Daughters

Located on the Lower East Side close to the famous Katz’s deli (great pastrami/corn beef sandwiches)

179 East Houston Street New York, NY 10002


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One thought on “Russ & Daughters – NYC

  • Lisa

    Just to tell you how MUCH I miss this. Been in S. Carolina for 20 years and I would give my right shoe for a bagel like this….I don’t think they know what smoked salmon is here in the upstate!! Looks great you guys! Rock On!!