The Great GoogaMooga review

Great fewd selections from some of the most popular restaurants in NY + celebrity chefs + awesome music (the Roots on Saturday and Hall & Oates on Sunday) = GoogaMooga? At least that’s what was advertised. The tix were free, but people struggled to fight for them online. There was also the option of Extra Mooga, which cost $250. Those who paid the big bucks would be able to meet with celebrity chefs i.e.  Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, and Tom Colicchio.

This the very first Googa Mooga. While we had a pretty good time on Saturday, there were certainly elements of the festival that needed improvement.

Hamageddon – a pig roasting inside of an iron pig

We went on Saturday, May 18th, and were able to try a few stands until we got extremely full and dehydrated from the heavy fewds and the blaring sun. We drove to Brooklyn from Queens and parked 2 stations away since we figured it’d be extremely hard to find parking nearby. We continued on the F train and got off at the southwest corner of Prospect Park,followed the crowd (signage was non-existant) and walked about 10 mins until we hit the entrance of the festival. They checked our tickets and bags at the door but I want  to mention that the website said no DSLR’s were allowed, but we saw quite a few people carrying big ass Nikons and Canons – why?

1st stop – Porchetta

cute pigs at the porchetta station

the porchetta sandwich, $7.

This was one of my favorites of all the Googa stands. The fat part was a little intimidating but this was packed with flavor. No sauce needed, just well-seasoned meat in a french roll. Yum! The restaurant only has 3.5 stars on Yelp though, I wonder why.

2nd stop – Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi

$5 for a small bowl of kimichi was just too pricey. Good flavors, though.

3rd stop – Russ & Daughters

the famous lox and bagel with scallion cream cheese, $8 for half a bagel

Our last post also featured Russ & Daughters. To see what the whole sandwich looks like, please check out our previous post.

4th stop – DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s casual “sausage restaurant” on Bowery and Houston

Thai sausage sandwich – the fish sauce was great

5th stop – I’ve been wanting to try this Brooklyn restaurant for a while now. A cash-only place that serves foie gras, interesting.

$8 Foie Gras Donut

this is what the inside looks like. Foie mousse filled.

6th stop – M. Wells, the Long Island City restaurant known for seared foie on cream of mushroom soup, super long lines and a French Canadian owner, is now closed due to increasing rent but will open at another location supposedly some time this year.

Horse Bologna (not sure if it’s real horse meat or is it just the name?) + Foie Gras + Grilled Cheese packed between toasted bread, $15.

the foie

The artery-bursting sandwich was the highlight of the day.

the “sweet circus” stations

7th stop – fried ricotta balls from James

8th stop – forgot to take a pic of the curry flavored milkshakes from Big Gay Ice cream.

the googa cake

Drinks stand

So this is what people have been complaining about the most – the LONG wait to get a drink (of any kind). While we were waiting in line for Luke’s lobster roll, our friend wanted to get some beers so we thought it’d be wise to split up and wait in different lines at the same time. Half an hour later he came back and, no beer! So apparently you need to get an “over 21 bracelet” which they check your ID and put a bracelet on you so you could buy alcohol. He had to wait for half hour just to get the bracelet and would need to stand in another line for drinks. But what is a foodie festival without getting drunk? He then left to get drinks while we were harassed by a guy that wanted to sell us lobster rolls for $30 a piece so we wouldn’t have to wait in line. A lobster roll scalper, are you effing kidding me?

10 mins later our friend texted us (there was terrible cell phone reception, except that some t-mobile and sprint users were able to get signal with some luck) saying there’s a woman just handing out bracelets near the drink stand. I headed over and got my bracelet from the woman (no line) and about 10 mins later CowCow came over and said they ran out of lobster rolls. Hence, we stood in line for 40 mins for nothing. We then waited in the beer line for another 10 mins until I got myself 2 Doc Pomus.

9th stop – Crawfish Monica’s crawfish mac and cheese

10th stop – Cookin’ with Coolio (man in pink is THE Coolio himself!) He won a challenge on the Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off show on Food Network with the soul roll dish.

the soul roll – it had meat (pork?) in it. the peach bbq sauce was delicious.

So they expected 40 thousand people at the event. There surely WERE A LOT of people and I nearly stepped on people lying on the ground sunbathing (very annoying, btw!)

11th stop – grilled onions from Tia Pol – very tasty, sauce was awesome, but maybe as a side dish? $6 was too pricey for a carnivore like myself.

And The Roots came on. Damn there were a lot of people. I wish I saw Hall & Oates instead.

12th and last stop – April Bloomfield’s Spotted Pig

the grill station

arcades with Ms. PacMan that Cowcow was real excited about

Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese and Shoestring Fries – $12

The Roquefort (Blue) Cheese and Brioche buns were delish. This ain’t raw meat and was cooked fairly well. Imma pay a visit to the Spotted Pig very, very soon.

This was our first food festival, ever. And it was GoogaMooga’s first as well. Surely there was plenty of room for improvement, for example the long wait for drinks and that non-alcoholic drinks were at the same stations as the alcoholic ones. We didn’t even bother to get the GoogaMoola card which were to be used to get drinks from the beer and wine tents. Apparently the card system broke down at 2 or 3pm and they issued tickets for the beer and wine tents instead. Why not Cash? Why??? I later read on Facebook that they allowed cash for the Sunday event.

For the most part, we had fun. It was nice being able to try different fewds from so many vendors at one single event. Most of the fewd was pretty good and I didn’t regret getting any of them. Porchetta and M. Wells were my favorites. The weather was perfect, just wished there were more cold beverages available. We arrived at noon and left at 8pm. Went home, got on Facebook and read hateful and hilarious comments about how badly managed the event was. CowCow made a delicious clam pizza at 12am and we ate it all. The end.

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