Publican – Chicago

the sign of pig land


A recent trip to Chicago in early October has inspired us to…what else? EAT! We’ve seen Republican on TV for quite a few times, including Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats, and we’ve been wanting to try the pork rind famous place.

the James Beard Awards wall

bubble-like lights and pig photos

Looking back at this photo we took, I realized that this restaurant is known for its pork dishes, something that I didn’t notice before ordering our food.

pork rinds

We liked the idea that pork rinds are like popcorns for meat eaters! Go meat!


Since we’re on the topic of oysters, I gotta talk about the Kumamoto Oysters from Washington State that we had a couple months ago at a restaurant called Dressler in Brooklyn, NY. They were THE best tasting, creamiest, and the most ocean-y oysters I’ve ever had! They were about $3.50 a piece, pricey I know, but definitely worth it.
These oysters at Publican weren’t as mind blowing but they were still very delicious and fresh-tasting. We got the 12 for $30 chef’s selection, and asked to include the Kumamotots and exclude NY oysters like Blue Points.

charcuterie plate

The plate included lonza, head cheese, pork pie, turnkey galantine, morteau sausage, pickles and mustards. Half for $15 and full for $24. It was very good, especially the sausages.


This was where the confusion began. I’m unable to find this dish on the menu on their website now, but I remember that they were sardines on the menu . At this restaurant the person who took our order didn’t deliver our food, the busboys did. When this dish came to our table, it was called the Spanish Mackerel. We waved down our server and asked if it was the same dish, and it was. The best part of the dish was actually the red cabbage, which went very well with the sauce. The fish, which in fact looked like small-sized mackerels to me, had too many bones and was a little too fishy to go with the cream sauce.


The server explianed that it was fried fish when we ordered. The dish came and again the person who delivered it called it something else other than fried fish. Judging from the picture above, it didn’t look like fried fish either. Nevertheless, the flavor was good and the onion rings and fried seafood went well with the sauce.

beets – farro tabouleh, tangerine & fromage blanc


The beets and corn were both very very tasty. Who would’ve thought that a place with pig drawings hanging up the walls would produce such tasty vegetable dishes?

suckling pig

My favoriate of the night was the suckling pig. I’m usually not a pig person, but I absolutely loved this dish! The flavor was pungent and accompanied the vegetables very well.

sirloin steak with matsutake mushrooms, radicchio and pickled corn

farm chicken with summer sausage and frites

bread pudding

creme caramel with burnt orange, cornflake

The two desserts were really good. Very well executed with well-balanced flavors and textures.

Best dishes of the night was the suckling pig, the farm chicken, the two vegetable sides, and the desserts.



837 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

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