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I love lamp, I meant lamb

2013 and fewd blog is back!  I mean we were never gone in the first place but we did get a little neglectful for the blog.  Bad fewd bloggers!  So here we go our new year dinner.  We went to the original Blue Ribbon in NYC at around 1:30AM, hungry and ready to start the year with a wallet pulverizing meal at one of our favorite places to dine.

If you get oysters, you kind of gotta leave an oyster tip right?

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, yes at almost 2 in the morning.  Also ordered a half dozen oysters Malpeques and something from Washington State and a Manhattan while waiting at the bar.  Seated us before our oysters were ready so we left an oyster tip hoping the shucker would give us the freshest and tastiest oysters.

East and West coast harmony on a plate

Oyster were great that night.  I always think a good oyster does not require any type of condiment.  These oysters you can taste the difference in saltiness between the two coasts, the Malpeque’s were more briny.  Eating a good oyster should feel like tasting the ocean it came out of.  Also these oysters were shucked really well with a minimum of shell fragmentation.  It’s worth it tipping your shucker!

A stiff manhattan

The drinks are quite strong here, they should be for the price though.

There’s another side we neglected to take a picture of

Brendan our gastronomical host for the night

Sorry I didn’t capture your left pupil Brendan.

Table bread at blue ribbon is a delicious but messy ordeal

The bread at Blue Ribbon is always quite good, though it was a bit on the crunchy hard side today but still good.  You must use the butter since it’s salted.  The bread is not very savory alone.

Yummy but spooky looking foie gras terrine

Terrine is a favorite of ours.  You want to order extra toasted challah bread when it comes to the table because what they give you is never enough.  It’s a really good blend of richness from the terrine and tartness from the pickled apple.  Make sure you add some of the nuts on the side it’ll give it a nice crunchy texture.  Hmm, that last sentence could be pretty inappropriate.  If you’re really crazy some people get this dish and the bone marrow and spread them both on the same piece of toast or crostini.  We did this by accident once.  It is quite extravagant.

Mmmmmm filet

The special of the night was the filet.  It has a savory and slightly sweet reduction sauce similar to the rack of lamb.  It’s covered with mushrooms and served with a really crunchy hash brown covered with arugula and tomatoes.  Filet was cooked to a fine medium rare making it nice and tender.  There wasn’t much sauce left on the plate after we mopped it up with the filet, arugula and hash brown.

Don’t even think about it. Just order the rack of lamb

The rack of lamb is beyond description so I’m not even going to try and describe how they taste, just take a look at the picture and imagine eating it, then go there and order it medium rare.  It’s served with a similar savory and slightly sweet reduction sauce that the filet had.  It’s resting on a potato cake on top of some really buttery mashed potatoes and there’s also some spinach there but I think they hide that on purpose.  Go eat it now, they’re open till 4am!

It’s not Brulate for dessert

Oh the horrible jokes.  So funny thing about NYC is any decent restaurant will probably have really good dessert.  One of our favorites is the creme brulee.  We’re not huge fans of the chocolate bruno, but we’re not big chocoholics, we also tried it at Blue Ribbon Bakery not here.  It’s actually quite a bit of creme brulee.  The custard is creamy with a strong milk flavour.  It’s not incredibly sweet and the burnt sugar imparts a nice smoky flavor to everything while also giving it a crunchy texture.

Blue Ribbon

Address:  97 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212.274.0404 (reservations only for 4 people or more)

Hours: 4pm to 4am daily

Pricing: Med High it’s not going to bankrupt you but you’ll certainly feel it in the wallet if you eat here often.  Expect to get out of there for about 70 a person

Food: American/Jewish/French/Comfort

Signature Dish: Fried Chicken and Bone Marrow, but those in the know get the Rack of Lamb.  You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu.  Duck Club is surprisingly good also.

Facilities: Can be cramped but the clientele there is really friendly probably because they’re too busy eating delicious fewd.

Service: Friendly and professional.  You will probably interact with the bussers and fewd runners a lot but they are pretty good.

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