Big Gay Ice Cream – NYC

Big Gay Ice Cream open till 11pm in the winter, I think midnight in the summer.

If you’re in the East Village and have just finished stuffing yourself with awesome Japanese food and would like good delicious soft serve and also do not mind NOT having a place to sit, you’re probably going to Big Gay Ice Cream.

Brawny figure holding a card

The East Village store is decorated with some toys and consists of mostly naked (haha) brick.  It all started as an ice cream truck but they now have two stores, the one in West Village is open till midnight!

Unicorn says “Order from this menu!”

There is a magical unicorn on the wall right next to the counter.  Try not to get lost in the eyes.

Inflatable Unicorn with I think She-Ra and Pegasus

Somebody’s been playing with She-Ra!

Bea Arthur

We only have one picture of the ice cream here and it’s the Bea Arthur.  It is composed of vanilla ice cream and dulce du leche drizzled on top and injected into the soft serve core then dusted with crushed nilla wafers.  It’s not incredibly sweet and more of a good balance of sweet and savory and dusty.  If you’re looking for a sweet upper cut to your tired teeth, go for the Salty Pimp or the Gobbler (you’ll need 3 people that are willing to share a giant cup of ice cream for the Gobbler).  Apologies though, we will try to get more pictures of the cones.

Fewd Tip – The cones come with splash guards but the soft serve still melts pretty quickly.  I would recommend licking the ice cream from the bottom and then up instead of eating it from the top down.  This will preempt the melting and create a smaller drop zone if you can hold your ice cream straight up.

I still remember the first time I tried their ice cream it was at Googa Mooga.  The curry milk shake was sweet but had a spicy after taste, the throat does not like it very much.  I’m glad I decided to try the store as their signature cones have all been quite good with a witty mixture of sweet and savory.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Address:  125 East 7th Street New York, NY 10009

Phone: (212) 533-9333

Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-11pm Fri-Sat-Sun 1pm-11pm

Pricing: Low, it’s less than Pinkberry damnit! and way more satisfying.

Food: Soft Serve but they have popsicles and shakes

Signature Dish: Salty Pimp is more famous but we like the Bea Arthur for the balance.

Facilities: It’s a tiny clean store but they move pretty quick.  Just don’t expect to get a seat.

Service: Very Friendly


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