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Soft Shell Crab mazemen

We’ve been gone for a bit. It’s time to return, but don’t call it comeback! We had the tasting menu at Yuji Ramen (inside of Whole Foods at the time) in 2013 and it was an incredible experience. Currently you still have to purchase tickets to the tasting menu. If you are near Brooklyn, NY following their facebook page is your best bet. So on with the fewd! This mazemen was served warm and full of umami and with sharp crab flavours.

We’ve had steaming hot bowls of ramen from LA, NY, Taiwan, but never something like YUJI. We were lucky enough to score two seats to the $65 tasting menu on a Saturday night in September of 2013. Tasting menus are a norm for the Per Se’s and the Eleven Madison Parks, but are quite unusual for a ramen joint in a Whole Foods food court. Bear in mind it’s been so long I’ve completely forgotten the order we ate these in.


The tasting menu begins after hours for the food court which is around 8pm. Please remember Yuji Ramen is in Brooklyn now in the same building they run Okonomi. Depending on what time and day you arrive it could be either restaurant or reserved tasting menu only.


Conch ramen with conch liver puree.  This is a very light and flavourful dish.


Squid pasta made with sliced squid.  The gelatin is created with dashi which is usually a base of fish broth and kombu.  The dashi in this form is lighter than normal dashi.  The squid was chewy but crunchy when bitten into.


Salmon and Cheese Mazemen. This is a classic dish you can usually get at Yuji’s. It’s an homage to lox and bagels but with a ramen twist. This is an incredibly tasty dish.  I wonder if Yuji is open at 1 in the morning.


Toasted ramen cracker with egg and sashimi cerviche. I do not remember the type of fish sorry. I liked breaking up the ramen cracker and eating the little bits of fish. A word of caution though, in my haste I inhaled some chip pieces and it made me cough for a good 30 seconds.


Another shot of that Soft Shell Crab mazemen.



Gelatinized soup base with sliced clam and bacon. The base is poured on hot ramen and becomes a broth.  This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. It felt like something from something cooked at home or one of those street carts that does one thing and does it very well. The slightly acidic soup with the clam and and the bacon added fat and pork flavour into the broth.


Mussel Ramen made from burnt mussel shells crushed in a french press and poured over ramen over a base stock and a mussel. This is a signature of the tasting menu and was my other favourite dish of the night. The smokiness of the immolated mussel shells really can be tasted in the broth. The mussels and shell really are featured prominently in this ramen.


Tofu and berry dessert. This was not really sweet at all and a very refreshing way to cleanse the palate after the meal. I think those are little pieces of toasted barley. There was also tea served throughout the meal.

So if you’re in Brooklyn, NY make haste to Yuji Ramen and have a bowl of their unique ramen.

Yuji Facebook Page

Yuji Ramen Page

Yuji Ramen Hours and Location:

Monday – Friday 9am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm.
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm.
150 Ainslie St. Brooklyn NY.

If you are just going for ramen, you will want to get there one hour before you want to eat as the wait can be really long sometimes due to the size of the restaurant.



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