Momofuku Ko – NYC

mackerel sbazushi - ginger, daishi ponzu

mackerel sabazushi – ginger, daishi ponzu

ko dining room

ko dining room

Heeeelllloo fewdblog readers! It’s been a long time, and we’re well aware that we’ve been procrastinating for the past year. We will continue to post despite the passage of time. We hope you enjoy this post.

We wanted to write about Momofuku Ko because our experience was fantastic. Momokufu Ko which belongs to the David Chang driven empire  ( Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ssam Bar, Ma Peche, Fuku to name a few) is in my opinion, definitely one step above all of his other establishments, and it was such a wonderful meal to have on a special occasion. (In this case, a birthday)

For hor d’oeuvres: we started off with pommes soufflées with caramelized onion puree. This tasted vaguely like a super charged potato chip with sour cream and chives dip.

pommes soufflées

pommes soufflées

apple & beet tartlets

apple & beet tartlets

Little tartlet bites with a cool finish.

Lobster paloise tartlet with caesar salad. The tartlets were called

Lobster paloise tartlet with caesar salad. The tartlets were called “lobster rolls”.

An exploration in crunchy and smooth textures.

Arctic char -

Arctic char – “vegetable rolls”

The roll is actually made of a radish skin, this felt like a Vietnamese rice-wrap roll but with a slightly crunchy exterior.

madai - consommé, shiso

madai – consommé, shiso

A little on the chewy side, but the gelée was refreshing. Madai is a type of Japanese red sea bream (snapper). Pieces of shiso leaves and finger lime pulp (looks like a tiny japanese lime) are mixed in that give the dish a light and refreshing flavor.

razor clam - pineapple, basil

razor clam – pineapple, basil

One of the most striking dishes of the night, reminded me of a Japanese painting of a small pond.

mackerel sbazushi - ginger, daishi ponzu

mackerel sabazushi – ginger, daishi ponzu

This is like a spam musubi but with high grade saba instead. We watched them make this as soon as we arrived at the restaurant. The chef pushed some rice into a mold, torched the rice so that it’s crispy under the fish and ultimately torched the fish also. This was a sufficiently smokey dish, but the mackerel wasn’t overly fishy like it can be.

mackerel dashi - king oyster, asian pear

mackerel dashi – king oyster, asian pear

A huge shot of umami. The king oyster helps add texture and the asian pear adds a hint of sweetness to cut the huge umami flavour.

squash - brown butter, bbq

squash – brown butter, bbq

Actually tasted like korean BBQ vegetables.

rutabaga - beef jerky, kinome

rutabaga – beef jerky, kinome

Kinome is known as prickly ash or Japanese pepper leaves. It’s minty but has a spicy after taste. This was a good few bites, but left me wishing for a lot more beef jerky.

egg - pea, potato, osetra bread and butter

egg – pea, potato, osetra bread and butter

Osetra is sturgeon caviar and it’s incredible expensive, it’s mildly salty with an almost kelpy ocean flavour much like a good oyster without the meatiness. This was a really complex dish that really showcases the caviar. It also came with bread and butter which we forgot to take pictures of.

orchiette - octopus, pepper, olive

orchiette – octopus, pepper, olive

This tasted like a light tomato sauce traditional meat sauce. I did not taste octopus.

lobster - carrot sauce

lobster – carrot sauce

A very well poached lobster with an heirloom carrot or is that just a big carrot shaved into a tiny one? The foam is also lobster based.

foie gras - lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

So this looks like a bunch of shaved bits maybe cheese or shredded paper chad, but it’s actually shaved foie. When I took a bite I wasn’t paying attention to which dish this actually was and I was said “I think they hid some foie gras in here!” Turns out it’s all over the place. This is one of Ko’s signature dishes and one of the best dishes of the night. The cold foie melting and forming a small lump on the spoon mixes really well with the jelly lychee and pinenuts.

hanger steak - eggplant, persian cucumber

hanger steak – eggplant, persian cucumber

The dark grey sauce was the eggplant sauce. This was savory and tender and a good few bites, but for meat like this, it’s nice to have a little more. It was cooked really well but the dish seemed like a filler almost and it’s supposed to be one of the entrées.

carrot - miso, white chocolate, nasturtium

carrot – miso, white chocolate, nasturtium

So nasturtium is just a fancy way to say plant in the cabbage family in this case I think it was watercress. The dessert is essentially carrot cake crumbs with white chocolate ice cream, crumbled wafers some pieces of watercress and  a miso sauce.

strawberry - chamomille, sorrel

strawberry – chamomille, sorrel

Essentially a sorbet, this was tart and a great finish to the meal.


mignardises – from left to right, peanut butter puff, chocolate fernet branca & sunflower macaron

Miniature pastries served following dessert. I always enjoy mignardises and these were no exception.

So it was a really great meal. The service was attentive but not too much and you can eat here wearing jeans. The restaurant is very comfortable and everybody essentially has a chef’s table. The cocktails were solid the other customers on that night were all incredibly pleasant. Food is out of this world good. Is it worth the high price? I think so, but this was a very special occasion for us so it felt worthwhile. I certainly cannot afford to eat here all the time, but it’s great for very special occasions and I think for your money is one of the best tasting menus in the city. So until my next super special occasion, I’ll see everybody at fuku or one of the milk bars.

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