Le Peep (Indianapolis Indiana)

Beat up toast!

Located in downtown Indianapolis off Illinois St.  Le Peep is actually a licensed chain of restaurants.  Every Le Peep is different in a small way, but I think all the ones in Indiana are owned by the same entity, but I’m not sure so don’t quote me on it.  So let’s see what me and my sister had for bfast.

Colourful menu

Hmm what to eat…

Le Peep Kopi

Coffee was decent but not great according to my sister.  It smelled good from where I was sitting.

Too much cheese!

They called this the gypsy, but it’s more of a sloppy sauté.  It was alright according to my sister, but she had serious fewd envy and began eating my dish which shows up next, so we switched plates.  Gypsy has ham, onions, mushrooms, yellow government cheese and basted eggs.  It was too salty and a little on the greasy side, w/ all the cheese.  The texture was mushy and uninteresting.

Spinnaker Egg-White Omlette

My egg white omlette was called the Spinnaker and had spinach, bacon, mushrooms, tomatos, chives and cream chese.  It was pretty decent for an omlette and the absence of the yolks did not take away from the omlette.  The fruit wasn’t super fresh but adequate and the potatos were rather boring.  I added salt and pepper to them.

Battered Toast

We shared some Battered Toast, which is just french toast dipped in granola.  This is the dish I always get when I come here.  We opted to leave the skillet dish unfinished and ate mostly the toast.  It’s crunchy savoury and sweet with the added syrup.  The side of apples were mushy and full of cinnamon, decent.

All in all it’s an OK place to have breakfast.  I think I heard their eggs benedict are quite good so I’ll have to try those next time.  I’m definitely not allowing anyone I go with to order the skillet dish again.  Don’t miss the Battered Toast if you’re eating in Indiana.  It might be a local dish.  I could not find it on their corporate menu.

So go to Le Peep if you want to try some breakfast fewd.  The light omlette is alright as well as the french toast.  Steer away from the skillet dish, you can do better grabbing a fast fewd sandwich.

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One thought on “Le Peep (Indianapolis Indiana)

  • slanti

    cow cow has it wrong…i did not take his food, we switched in the middle of breakfast. not food envy, just family style dining.
    i would definitely go back for the french toast.