Pink’s hot dogs – LA

yummos – the famous chili dog on far right

Welcome to Pink’s hot dogs, a place for the vegetarian folks to realize what they’re missing in life. Okay I’m kidding, but what I’m trying to say (nicely) is, if you don’t eat meat, don’t bother coming back to this site.

bright signs in the dark & cold st of LA

Menu – tens of thousands of variations of hot dogs for you too choose from

fries belly good

you want your buns toasted? you got it!

so busy so busy the wait was quite long gimmie my fewd now!

left: Chicago polish dog / right: Chili fries w/ cheese

the hot dog snaps as you bite into it – so good

wall of photos of really famous people that I don’t recognize

Unfortunately due to the space limit here I couldn’t post a bigger pic of the wall of pictures signed by famous people who ate there. But from this particular pic you can see the middle photograph is signed by FIVE Chefs from FIVE leading restaurants in LA, including the chef from Melisse which we also visited and we’ll blog about it very soon.

the place was closed when we left

We had to wait about 20 mins for our fewd and I was told that we’re pretty lucky that night cause it usually takes an hour+ and the line is always long. The hot dogs are really fresh and beef quality seems good and I’d definitely recommend Pink’s to anyone who hasn’t tried it and doesn’t mind the long wait. Next time I’m trying the chili CHEESE dog!

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