Spark Woodfire Grill (Los Angeles)

Ribeye al forno

Spark is located in Beverly Hills right off of Pico.  It’s a dimly lit destination to get your steak fix, if you don’t mind subpar service and the possibility of waiting for awhile for your seats on a busy night.  The place isn’t super busy, it’s just kind of small for a steakhouse.  Steak was good though.  Let’s do this!

So dim inside, you'll barely see what you're eating

You got the bread, with the spread...bean spread

Bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The spread was a weird bean type spread.  It was ok.  The bread was better by itself.

Wedge salad with blue cheese crumble

There were several good shots of the salad so I made a tryptych.  While it looks good, it wasn’t as fresh as a wedge salad should be.  The blu cheese was a bit on the runny side and the salad was really big making me and plankton kind of full before we even got our appetizer.

Crabby Patties

Crab cakes were very average.  Deepfried, with aioli and relish that was more like mayo and chopped pickles.  As you can see the lettuce around it was old and unedible, unless you’re a turtle.

New York Center Cut

New York Strip with shoestring fries, mushroom corn in white truffle oil saute.  The steak was perfect and tasty.  The Ribeye was al forno which actually means from the oven in Italian but for some reason means smothered with cheese…delicious cheese.  The ribeye pictured first, was grilled with a slightly smoky flavour from the woodfire grilling.  The sides included were smashed white rose  potatoes with chives and parsley butter sitting next to sauteed spinach with extra virgin olive oil and garlic.  Potatoes were a little cold but good with the steak.  Spinach was creamy and tasty also.  So the entrees saved the meal.

So a few notes about Spark in Beverly Hills.  We came in about 10 minutes early for our reservation and were told we were too early.  We then waited about 45 minutes to get a seat and were given the privilege to wait a bit longer for a booth.  We thought hey, everything should be fine now that we’ve sat down and boy were we wrong.  Our waiter who shall be unnamed but whose name rhymes with horse hay didn’t seem to have any recommendations at all.  He got us water after the order was taken which was kind of weird.  When he took our order, it looked like he lost his patience and he kept looking off in the distance and even started walking away from our table in the middle of taking our menus.  It really wasn’t that busy since it was pretty late when we got to order.  The waiter never checked back after the dishes were served and there was a significant wait between our appetizer and steaks, about 30 minutes so the timing was completely off.  The server was pretty short with us the whole time.  Despite that we tipped 15% and left without anyone even saying goodbye to us.

I would say for the same price you could get an excellent meal at Mastros or Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.  I heard good things about Cut (Wolfgang Puck) and Wolgang’s Steakhouse (Wolfgang Zwiener not Puck).  There’s no reason to pay the high ticket price of Spark and get shoddy service and substandard food except for the steak.  I’m going to skip this place for Steak in LA in the future.

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