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Pho schizzle

Need a quick Pho fix?  Pho 79 might hit the spot.  Though their website is pretty crummy with only their locations.  Conveniently located off Garfield Ave. next to the theatre, this is one of my on the way/in the neighborhood Pho destinations.  In this case it was on the way.

We got there about an hour before they closed and the waiter was already pushing me to hurry up.  I sat down and immediately ordered two bowls of combination Pho and an order of spring rolls.

Are you Pho real?

The rear entrance looks like part of the “Scarface” mansion.

Cock Sauce

Despite ordering so quickly at the beckoning of the waiter, we had to wait about 10 mins for our fewd.  Here’s a nice shot of the most famerst cock sauce.  You can’t see the cock, but I gurantee you it’s there.

Spring Rolls in winter

Crunchy tasty spring rolls, one of the signature dishes here.  You wrap it in lettuce and mint so it cuts the fried fattiness of the roll.  It’s pork with mushrooms and I think vermicelli in it.  I think the shell is made of rice paper so it poofs up and bubbles like that.

Foliage to go with our Pho

Always present in a good Pho place is the basil, bean sprouts, lime and sliced jalapeños.  I always put a little bean sprout, squeeze a lime, and add just one jalapeño with a couple squeezes of cock sauce.

Pho me to eat

The broth is hearty and savory.  The fresh onions are crunchy when you bite into it.  The meat here isn’t too overcooked b/c the broth isn’t nuclear hot like some Pho places, but it’s quite good.  The noodles are a bit more starchy than other places which I do not like.

Oh yeah, the waiter practically shoved the bill in my face wanting me to pay right then and there when we were still sitting down and eating, so don’t come here for the service.  All in all it’s a decent place and one of my regular spots if I’m in the area.  I’ll go back though, it’s a decent value despite pushy service.

Other notable Pho places in the area are, Golden Deli and Pho Pasteur.

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2 thoughts on “Pho 79 – LA

  • Cowboy Post author

    There is hoison in there too, You should be able to get cock sauce at any asian market, it’s used a lot in spicy tuna sushi actually.

  • Kiwi

    I just had pho last night! I had the beef combo – mmm tripe!

    Where can I get the cock sauce? I always thought it was a different type of hoisin or duck sauce…