Ruth’s Chris – LA

Boneless Bone in NY Strip

Ruth’s Chris in Hollywood doesn’t really need an introduction.  Went with 4 other friends to have a very nice meal.  My friend knew the executive chef there, so expectations were high.

US Prime alright!

Dine LA Menu

Blurry pic of the special Dine LA menu we ordered from, it was a pretty good deal.  I got the Bone in NY Strip med rare, with Seafood Gumbo and Mushrooms.  Everyone got the same dessert.

Bread, looks plain but tasty

Bread was nice and flaky on the outside and soft w/ big holes on the inside.  It was perfect for dipping in the Shrimp dish that follows.

Shrimp Appetizer

Chef sent us out some appetizers, first was the Barbecued Shrimp.  It’s in a reduced white wine sauce with butter, garlic and spices.  The shrimp was cooked well, but the sauce was very good and not incredibly heavy, so a few of us dipped our breads in it.

Sizzlin Blue Crab Cakes

This came out alongside the Shrimp and it was one of the better crab cakes I’ve ever eaten.  Definitely worlds better than the ones I had at Sparks.  Maybe just a touch too much butter for me.  The inside was creamy with a very fresh crab flavor.

Cesar Salad

A few of us had salads.  My friend said this is one of the best Cesar salads he’s ever had.  He also said he hasn’t had one in a long time.  But He described the croutons being crunchy and delicious.

Seafewd Gumbo

My Seafood Gumbo was pretty good.  There was crawfish and sausage in it, that’s all I really need, but there was chicken too.  It was a pretty decent gumbo, but doesn’t have that smokey flavour that I usually like in my gumbo.

Corn Pudding Wha???

It’s fancy creamed corn, a bit heavier and more starchy but plenty tasty.

Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach wasn’t too special.  I would venture to say average though I might not be qualified since I’ve never been a big fan of this dish.   It’s too mushy and makes me feel like I’m eating baby fewd.

Mashed Taters

Your standard fare.  I must say I did not taste this.  I know sorry.


Tender mushrooms with a little bit of seasoning.  Helps cut the fat of the steak but yet taste kind of like an alternate protein.  Pretty good with the steak.

Filet w/ Shrimp

A bit blurry sorry.  I tasted a shrimp off of this, it was just like the shrimp from the appetizer, well cooked and seasoned.

Filet w/ Lobstah

I had a bite of filet.  It’s cooked very well but Ruth’s Filet is still a bit dry for me.  I like Mastro’s Bone in Filet best.

Ny Strip Bone in, with no bone!

The rest of us got the bone in NY Strip.  Funny enough as I mentioned twice in the captions there was no bone.  They must’ve run out of the bone in one, but it was still yummy.

NY doneness

The steak was on the medium side and I ordered med rare.  I keep forgetting that Ruth’s Chris steaks come out of the oven and coast for awhile.  It’s always best to order your steaks rare at Ruth’s Chris.  Despite that the outside had a nice char, and there was a nice rub on the steak.

Fruit Tart and Egg Puddin

Ya got your Fruit and your tart…

The desert was a fresh fruit tart in a chocolate cup w/ Breadpudding.  I dumped the cream into the bread pudding and it was almost like having ice cream on there.  A nicely balanced dessert though nobody finished the chocolate cup, a bit too rich.

I’ve always liked Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  This trip only reminded me of that.  Our server was very nice despite the fact one of our party tried to overload him with plates.  I usually drink a lot of water and they kept our glasses full of drinks also.  Plankton told me their Chopped house salad was very tasty, so I’ll have to try that next time they don’t have a super great value menu.

Thanks to my friend for the gracious late xmas/new year meal! (You know who you are!)  Thanks to Chef Mark for the delicious appetizers.

Can’t wait for my next trip here.

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