SYS restaurant 中山招待所 (Taichung, Taiwan)

steak w/ truffle garnish

Hello world.  I’m going to be a nice plankton today and post some delicious pictures for you fewd lovers. These were taken a while back in Sept 2009.  I don’t think this Sun Yat Sen restaurant in Taichung has anything to do with Sun Yat Sen himself, they were probably just using his name to get the restaurant noticed.  We were told that anyone attempting to enter the premise w/o a reservation will be electric shocked with a taser gun, so plz make a reservation first!

After arriving at the front gate they triple checked our identity and made us walk through a metal detector and finally… we were in!!

sign at front entrance

after passing the gate the main building appears

orchid display

chandelier belly pretty

amuse bouche

appetizer trio


Shark fin soup



fruit plate

blueberry cheese cake & kopi

dining area

newt!!! ( four legged snake)

Fewd was pretty good and we were the ONLY table there that night.  Set menu was at  roughly 50 USD.  Recommended for family and friends that enjoy a private and quiet dining experience. They do accept private bookings of the house/ restaurant, so it’d be excellent for private parties and weddings.  Not recommended for opinionative small children, or just kids in general.

SYS restaurant 中山招待所

addresss: 台中市五權西六街27號 Taichung, Taiwan.


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