Keelung Night Market 基隆廟口夜市(Keelung, Taiwan)

Keelung Fried and Grilled stuff stand

Some old pics of the first time I went to the Keelung night market near Taipei.  Here is a stand full of fried stuff and not fried stuff that is all grilled and brushed with a sweet base sauce.

Main Market Strip

Here is the main strip of the night market with it’s signature yellow lanterns.  It’s a pretty well lit market, with it getting pretty packed in front of the popular fewd stands.  We wanted to try nutritious sandwich this trip but it was closed.

Temple St. Entrance


There’s a side temple St. off the main drag that leads to this temple.  There’s a lot of seafewd places here, but the people are kind of aggressive so we steered clear.  We did get a lamb rice though that wasn’t bad.

Lamb Rice

Lamb rice was very savory and had a strong lamb flavor.  You know you’re not eating one of the standard proteins.  The juices allow the rice to absorb the strong lamb flavor.  This is akin to a lamb stew without any aromatics.  We didn’t finish the rice under since we wanted to try other stuff.

Grilled Stuff Stand

Chicken Hearts and Fishcake

From the grilled stuff stand we got chicken hearts and fish cakes brushed with a sweet almost bbq glaze.  I really liked the fish cakes, as they are standard Japanese style, but gets a nice smokey flavor after it’s grilled.  The chicken hearts were quite good too and taste like dark meat with the texture of squid.

Chicken Steak

Standard fare, chicken steak was crispy and savory.  It wasn’t the best chicken steak, but wasn’t the worst either.

Pao Pao Ice Stand

Pao Pao Ice, Blackberry Flavour

Pao Pao Ice stand is full of teen age guys scraping the ice manually on a crank.  They all looked pissed, but the ice came out light and fluffy.  We had passion fruit and blackberry, but both were too sweet.  I’d like this a lot more if it wasn’t so sweet.

Lotus Seed with Giant Tapioca with Red Bean inside

Our last dish was this Sweet soup with lotus seed, giant tapioca  with red bean inside.  It was quite sweet also, but I liked the texture of all the ingredients.  You’ll get some “QQ” (a little more firm than al dente, like a gummy but bouncier), and some mushy along with the soupy sugar water.

I like coming to the Keelung market, but make sure you go when it’s nice and cool.  It wasn’t this trip, but my last trip there I almost fell over from the insane heat and humidity.  Also, if it’s really hot, try to steer clear of all the sweet stuff it makes it a lot worse.  Not pictured on this trip is a tempura fish cake stand that was very excellent along with an oyster pancake stand.

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3 thoughts on “Keelung Night Market 基隆廟口夜市(Keelung, Taiwan)

  • Gabriella

    This was my favorite night mekart when I was in Taipei this spring, and not just because I was staying nearby… I particularly liked the scallion pancake stand by the corner of the lane between Tonghua St and Guangfu Rd. Delicious with a fried egg and a lot of hot sauce.Also nearby at the corner of Xinyi and Guangfu Road is a breakfast stand with various buns and things – they had these delicious things for NT$20 which looked like bagels but were actually deep-fried buns stuffed with cabbage and onion. What are those called?

  • Z

    Hi, i’m planning to head jiufen and keelung (haven’t really decide which 1st). Is it worthwhile to spend much time there? Thanks!