Konaya Curry Udon 古奈屋 (Taipei, Taiwan)

curry udon with beef

Konaya is a Japanese chain restaurant known for udon in curry broth. There are currently 13 Konaya restaurants in Japan and this one we visited is the one and only Konaya in Taiwan.


We each asked for a 2nd round of kimchi because it was so delicious.

Salad with Japanese sesame dressing

curry udon with shrimp tempura set

curry salt on left and pepper on right

It’s important to add curry salt and pepper to intensify the flavour of the curry broth.

poached egg in curry broth

A poached egg comes with the set menu and it is suggested to break the yoke in the soup for it to become thicker and smoother.

whole grain rice in soup

The set menu also comes with whole grain rice to be put in the remainder of the curry broth after you finish the noodles. The rice soaks up the broth and is very tasty. I love how they give you both udon and rice which are completely different textures, also the rice just makes me not want to waste any bit of the broth. Yum!

crispy fried chicken

jello-like dessert

I’m not really fan of this jello thing but it seems to be very popular in Taiwan as this dish is served in Taiwan restaurants fairly often. Maybe it’s just cheap/easy to make?

moji ice cream

red bean soup

So far I’ve been to this Konaya twice and it has not failed me. =)

The udon broth is among the best curry I’ve ever had and the udon is always cooked to the right consistency. The fun thing about this place is that they make you wear a paper bib so you won’t get curry sauce on your clothes.

Set menus come with a salad, curry udon with poached egg and whole grain rice, with your choice of side dishes like tempura, fried oysters, beef chunks…etc.

Konaya Curry Udon 古奈屋

website: www.konaya.com.tw

Pricing: Set menus are around $350~$390 TWD.

Address: No.306, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (close to SYS memorial hall) 臺北市光復南路306號(國父紀念館旁)

Tel: 02-2751-3568

Hours: 11:30~21:30

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