Shao Shao Ke Restaurant 勺勺客

teared up dough

Shao Shao Ke offers Shanxi style (陝西) cuisine which is not very common in Taiwan. In Chinese the word “shao” means “spoon” and shao shao ke simply means someone who cooks well. Located in the quiet alley near RinAi road, this small restaurant is always packed with young fewd enthusiasts eager to try new flavours and ready to take on new fewd advantures. Okay I’m talking about people like myself, but this place really was packed and a reservation is definitely recommended.

exterior view of restaurant

interior view

interior view

This place makes you feel like you’re eating in a cave with ugly graffiti scribbled on the wall. I wonder what it takes for the owner to let you write random stuff on the wall, maybe it’s only acceptable if you have zero artistic talent. It does however make the restaurant a lot more interesting and … I gotta admit, it’s kinda fun.

menu cover

bean curd cubes - complimentary dish

2nd complimentary dish - some sliced veggie thingy

lamb kabob, cumin flavour

feng su ji - de-boned chicken leg stuffed w/ green onions

The signature dish of Shao Shao Ke is the “Pao Moh”, it’s basically a noodle and soup dish. What’s cool is instead of ordinary noodles, you’re given a round biscuit and they ask you to tear it up in corn-size pieces. After it’s done a server retrieves the bowl of dough bits. They then cook it and broth is added. There are three types of broth to choose from, the most common is lamb broth then beef and finally the pork broth. Today we’re trying the beef broth.

pao moh dough

noodle biscuit tear up process

the main 3 ingredients - duck blood, noodle bits and tender beef chunks

pao moh - finished product

shao zi gu pai - deep fried pork rib

the meat was really tender and falls off the bone

fried milk - it's actually fried cheese topped w/ sugar powder

this dessert needs to be pre-ordered when making a reservation

All in all a very interesting experience with very interesting fewd choices. Do not expect outstanding services but do enjoy the quirky ambiance and fun atmosphere.

Shao Shao Ke 勺勺客

address: #15, alley 41, RenAi Rd. section 2, Taipei, Taiwan 台北市仁愛路二段41巷15號

phone: 02-2351-7148

hours: lunch 11:30~14:30 / Dinner 17:30~22:00, closes on Mondays and CNY holidays

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