McDonalds Mac Wrap (Anywhere in the United States)

What's in thar???

Mac Wrap Wrapper

So I was in Taiwan for 3 months, when I got back I found out there were a bunch of new weird things at McDonalds in the States.  My friend told me about the snack wrap so I had to try it.  By the way, Taiwan McDonalds is quite good, so I was expecting something decently tasty.

Not very nutritious

Nutrition Labels seem to be on a lot of their fewd items these days.

I remember the snack wrap costing me right around 2 bucks.  I thought hmm, that might be a good alternative to the Big Mac, since it’s a wrapped alternate.  Looking at the nutrition info, bear in mind the normal Big Mac is rated at 540 calories with  29 grams of fat, we can see this is just a slightly scaled down Big Mac.

Should write a rap about this wrap...

Mac Wrap Wrap

Here is the snack wrap in all it’s glory. It’s basically half a patty, with Big Mac sauce, onions, pickles, lettuce and cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla.  You would think this would give you a mini Big Mac type taste, but boy would you be wrong.  Part of the Big Mac, is that you’re eating copious amounts of bread with a double dose of grade D beef.  Also, the patty is generally heated so the melted cheese mixes really well with everything.  Throw that goodness into a round piece of cardboard and you throw every enjoyable part of the Big Mac out the window.  The flour tortilla is akin to a cold piece of paper.  It’s completely devoid of flavour and to make things worse dry as all hell.  Another problem with the wrap delivery method is that warm fewds tend to get cold quick.  It took me all of 30 seconds to take these pictures and the meat was already cold to the touch.  Mind you my fries were still warm after I ate the snack wrap.

Verdict:  I don’t like the snack wrap, I can assume all the snack wraps have the same problem.  I think  it’s worth the extra 110 calories and $1.75 to get something that tastes good and is satisfying and can be called a real Big Mac.  I guess the moral is, don’t mess with the Big Mac, the wrap ruined it!

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