Rosarito Mexican Food (Los Angeles/Pasadena)

Best Nachos Ever???

Al Pastor Nachos

Rosarito located in Pasadena is slightly west of the Colorado and San Gabriel St. Intersection.  A few of my friends have said this is THE BEST nacho place.  This is with regard to flavour, price and coverage.  This is one of my regular spots and it seems the only thing I ever get are nachos.  Usually I get the carne asada nachos which are excellent, but wanted to try the Al Pastor (BBQ pork) this time.

I had to pack all the condiments myself at the condiment bar.


So a trick to Rosarito is to get carryout whenever you get nachos, you will get a larger portion and the nachos stay warm longer in the carryout container than a plastic plate.  You can watch as your nachos are prepared with a layer of nachos, cheese, meat, and beans.  After all these toppings, the nachos are put in a salamander in the back to melt the cheese and seal everything together.  Finally onions, tomatoes, sour cream and green salsa are added and a lid is applied.  Oh, also another good option is to get green sauce on the nachos.

Condiments por nachos

Pico De Gallo, Green Salsa and Lime

Don’t forget to get your condiments at the condiment bar.  I had some spicy red salsa but did not eat it with these nachos.

Aerial shot

Al Pastor Nachos your seconds are numbered.

As always Rosarito nachos are excellent.  The taste is good, but the value and coverage is incredible.  This huge plate of nachos was under $6 USD and every piece of nacho had topping on it.  The nachos are not soggy but very crunchy, probably from being baked under the heat of the salamander.  Al Pastor is just as tasty as the Carne asada without some of the cartilage you get with beef.  I usually add lime juice, pico and more green salsa, but it’s not necessary.

Rosarito also has other mexican fare such as burritos and tacos but I always end up getting the nachos.  I got the burrito once and didn’t like it too much.  I found out why this trip as I saw the cook toss the burrito in the microwave after assembling the ingredients.  It’s not terrible by any means, but a lot of places will grill the burrito giving the outside a nice crispy texture which I miss in their burritos.  Also do not expect friendly service here.  I came here late once and asked if it was alright to still order, got our order  and was ushered out only 5 minutes after closing and seemingly with a lot of prejudice.  The counter guys are usually in a good mood if you come during the day and if it’s not too busy, but for the value, I guess you can’t really expect much.  Their drinks are huge with refills and you can also get cane sugar coca-colas that are supposedly better for your digestion but acidic for your teeth.

I’m definitely returning in the near future to get my nacho fix.  I agree with my friends that it’s the best nacho value in the LA area at least.  I’ve had better nachos but they usually cost close to ten bucks.

Rosarito Mexican Food

Address:  2237 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107

Phone: (626) 440-1640

Hours: Mon-Sat 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sun 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Pricing: Low, but the place is great value.

Food: Good.  I’ve only really gotten nachos here, but each different meat topping I try is very tasty.

Signature Dish: Nachos

Facilities: Actually a bit cleaner than most Mexican fast fewd establishments.  No Restrooms.

Service: Quick but can be rude.  What do expect at these prices?

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  • Halbose

    Hey, if you’re a nachos fan, you really have to try the Nachos Bellgrande from the Taco Bell on Venice near Inglewood. You may think this is a joke-comment, but there’s something different the chefs at that branch do to really bring out the flavor.