Mr. Baguette (Los Angeles/Rosemead)

Yes, way too much carrots.

Sausage and Chicken with pickled carrot overload Vietnamese sandwiches

Those of you in the know, know that Vietnamese sandwiches have been a delicious affordable way to have a meal in the LA area for some time now.  along with Lee’s, Mr. Baguette is one of the early chains to pop up on the east side.  I tend to call these sandwiches Po’ Boys being very similar to the Louisiana fare without the fried goodness…sometimes.  My favorite place is actually Banh Mi My Tho in Alhambra.  This time I wanted to try one of the chains to compare.

Baguettes in bags, how appropriate!

Each comes in a tidy paper bag with two bags of ridiculous amounts of carrots.

They are having a special, 8inch po’ boys for $2.20 USD before tax so I tried two of them.  You are limited to a smaller selection though.  I got the sausage (bologna) and chicken.

Get em while it's dry and flakey!

Chicken Po' Boy

El Pollo dry-O

Chicken Po' Boy entering mouth view

Chicken was dry with mayo.  Even for $2.20 USD it seemed kind of like a scam.  The bread is good with a good amount of crunchiness, but the chicken is incredibly disappointing.  I loaded the chicken up with pickled carrots since I knew the chicken was basically cardboard flakes.  The upside is that my vision is so good I can see through walls now.

Bologna = Sausage in Vietnamese sandwich shops, thin sliced huge sausage.

Sausage Po' Boy

Imitation sausage anyone?

Smelling sandwich shot.

Sausage had mayo on it also.   It was a little better than chicken, but not much.  Mr. Baguette seemed busy when I was there.  It took forever to get my two simple po’ boys with two toppings each.  The whole time when eating one of the po’ boys, I’m thinking about how much more sandwich I can get at My Tho for only $2.50 USD.  Oh well.  I might give this place another chance and try one of the over priced sesame french bread po’ boys at up to five bucks a sandwich.  They also have ridiculously overpriced croissant sandwiches starting at five bucks and change a pop.

Mr. Baguette

Address: 8702 Valley Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770-1712

Phone: (626) 288-9166‎

Hours: Daily 6PM to 9PM

Pricing: Med for what you get.  Though you can get a lot more at other Vietnamese Po’ Boy shops.

Food: Average but small portions compared to other places.

Signature Dish: Vietnamese Po’ Boys and Vietnamese Coffee

Facilities: Fairly Clean, but kind of bright and unbearable when sunny outside.

Service: Polite but slow.

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