The BBQ house – Hsinchu, Taiwan

the ribeye

The BBQ house (yes, the Owner is THAT creative) is located in the city of Hsiunchu, about 1.5 hours south of Taipei. The city is known for the Hsinchu Science and Technology Park packed with girlfriendless, loney and loaded engineer nerds who allow restaurants like the BBQ house the chance to survive in the cut-throat restaurant scene on this little island.

dining area

The dining area is rather small, fits about 10 tables which provides a cozy, relaxed ambiance with electronic music playing in the bg. What’s so special about place is that, it serves American Angus beef and is priced according to the weight of the steaks ordered. Customers would go to the fridge area (see pic above, brightly lit area) and choose the cut they prefer and the Owner (rumored to be French Canuck) would slice off a piece of meat as per the customers’ liking.  Choices of cuts are: short rib, fillet, ribeye and new yorker.

What was unacceptable was that our server DID NOT explain how they charge in the restaurant and asked us if we wanted soup and salad as soon as we sat down, giving us the illusion that the soups and salads were free or charge. It turned out that everything is priced separately, from soup+salads to side dishes like fries and mashed potatos. Soft drinks were un-refillable.

broccoli soup

The soup was the worst dish of the night – simply no trace of seasoning. Heeelloo? Where’s my S-A-L-T?? (I’m dying to watch that movie btw) The consistency of the soup was decent though.

Caesar salad

The salad wasn’t bad, but not memorable, either.


The entree was served when we were half way through our soup and salad. The four of us all ordered the ribeye. The plate above consists the shiny ribeye, mashed potatos, stir-fried beans, red peppers and mushrooms, and a dipping sauce for the steak. The sauce was good, tasted like redwine and gravy.

ribeye and fries

I myself ordered fries as the side dish. It was very good actually, very crispy and it came with a white dipping sauce for the fries. The ribeye was very tender and cooked to a nice medium-rare degree. To be honest this was probably the best non-steakhouse steak I’ve had.

I did a little research online and found the pricing of the steaks: So, for a 10 oz ribeye it would cost close to 18 bucks US. That doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up with the sodas and salads and bland soups which included the cost of salt that we didn’t get. We were in awe that the 4 of us spent over 4k TWD (around $150) that night while I was expecting 2-3k.

So why do I sound so hateful in the beginning of this post? Here’s why:

First off, the server did not explain how the fewd was priced which made us feel like gullible idiots. While I’m totally fine with the prices of restaurants such as Ruth’s Chris and Lawry’s, I wasn’t satisfied with what we had to pay at the BBQ house. It’s all about the customers being treated right and feeling respected. It’s a lot like how a guy should treat a girl, or his pet ferret nicely.

The place had nearly no A/C. The open dining area faces towards a street under a bridge, therefore any trace of A/C would seem non-existent. With heat waves coming from the open kitchen and the humidity outdoors, it made sweating like a pig easy.

Second, I’m just disgusted by foreigners coming to Taiwan thinking they could make big bucks off innocent Taiwanese folks by charming away stupid Taiwanese girls, plus the Owner had no charm in him, just like his restaurant having no A/C. IT IS NOT OKAY to open a restaurant in an Asian country expecting to rip off customers and get away with it. Whenever I dine in foreign cuisine restaurants in North America, my little mind usually picture good flavours and great value with seasoned soups being served.

No address nor phone numbers will be posted here because I simply don’t feel like doing so. Google the place online if you adventurous foodies still decide to pay this place a visit. This place actually has decent reviews in some of the blogs I’ve read.

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10 thoughts on “The BBQ house – Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Further comments

    I heard about this restaurant some time back, glad I didn’t go in the end. I came across the owner before some time back with his “fancy pre-owned porsche” and modified Jeep, Lexus and what have you nots, extremely cocky SOB. LOL I decided there and then personally I would in no way contribute to any increase in “wealth” by dining at his steak house.

  • PranktonPranks Post author

    I appreciate everyone for commenting on this post. It’s very interesting to see that people seem to have experiences from this restaurant that are either positive or extremely negative. Considering how competitive the Taiwanese restaurant scene is, the fact that this place still exists since my visit 2 years ago has gotta mean something. I for one will not eat here again, but perhaps there’s certain something that attracts the wealthy Xinzhu techies and their big fat wallets?

  • John CHamberlain

    This was a terrible meal. All I ordered was Lamb and a soda and it cost 63 US dollars, the lamb was over cooked.
    This guy who owns this is a criminal.
    I hope Karma visits this place and burns it to the ground

  • Cowboy

    Prankton Pranks is not generalizing about all foreigners, but more generalizing people who eat at this place. Anybody who goes here and does not feel ripped off could be considered unwise. ArKaine, I suggest you try some meditation, or take some walks in the park. We’ve both lived traveled and eaten at countless places in Taiwan. We love Taiwan and all it’s people, just not this restaurant. Hey it happens and it’s just our opinion. Alas, if we only had a few bucks in our wallets we could not afford to eat here since they charge separately for all the side.

  • ArKaine

    Your comments about the food and service are your personal opinion and it’s your blog so by all means. Its when you comment and generalize about all foreigners living in Taiwan, and call the Taiwanese girls stupid where you have a problem. If your man enough why don’t you come to Taipei and I’ll give you a nice personal ass whopping, take your wallet and the few bucks inside and go to the BBQ house to get a nice custom 16oz steak. BITCH!

  • Patrick

    I had the pleasure of coming to this place last year. Will never go there again. The food was not bad, but the prices and most important, the owner was a prick! I had made a phone reservation, which they took with no problem. I arrived on time and ordered the salad and wine. I was told to go to the grill and order the steaks. Right when got to the counter the owner ( Ian ) said you need to eat really fast I need that table!
    I asked him why did he take my reservation in the first place and let me be seated and order my beverage ( bottle of wine ) and salad, then tell me I need to eat fast. I have been to many of the top places in the world, but never have I ever been asked to eat fast , as they need the table…. Come on at the end of the day it is just a grilled steak bought from Costco.

  • PranktonPranks Post author

    No, I certainly wasn’t kidding when I wrote “disgusted by foreigners coming to Taiwan thinking they could make big bucks off innocent Taiwanese”. And what service? God bless Taiwan for not adopting the tipping culture in restaurants, well, the servers will never get a dime out of my pocket anyway.
    Perhaps you know the restaurant owners personally, but to me there is absolutely no excuse for a server to ask her customers whether they want soups and salad in a manner similar to “another refill for your drink?”
    There are a good number of restaurants in Taiwan with good service, it’s just unfortunate that you haven’t been to one. Do a search on blogs that are more suitable for your class.
    I would like to add that blogging is based on individual opinions, and such demeaning tone is not welcomed here, just like I wouldn’t allowed stray dogs to piss on my lawn. Scratch your fleas elsewhere, please.

  • Someone

    From my experience the owners (they are two) are quite nice (one is a Oversea Chinese), they are both married to Taiwanese so its not only those bad foreigners who benefit from it.

    Then you write “disgusted by foreigners coming to Taiwan thinking they could make big bucks off innocent Taiwanese”. Are you kidding? Don’t think anyone comes here for the money. Maybe a easy life (English
    teachers) but that’s it.

    Funny also that you think you would get the soup and entree for free. This ain’t Outback Steakhouse and it seems you didn’t look at the wall which has the whole menu in huge letters (including what the soup costs).

    Most people just go there to drink a beer and only have a steak anyways (where the side dishes are actually free). If you want a cesar salad go out with other girls to a food court or something. :-)

    Don’t know if you ever went to Wild West or Outback in Zhubei. But there the service really really sucks in comparison to this one. Anyways restaurants with good service in Taiwan are extremely rare.
    Most times you get serviced by underpaid students in sneakers and dirty jeans and clothes that havent been washed since they visited their mom last time.