Legends Bar & Grill – Queens, NY

Pig out platter I think it was called.  We definitely felt bovine after this meal.

Was down for some BBQ but didn’t want to pay the crazy prices.  We found this place from five minutes of searching online.  This is definitely a local bar, but with a giant smoker in the back imported from the Lone Star state.

Entrance to Legend Bar and Grill

The bar full of regulars.

Dining Room in the back for non regulars.

Meat Smoking inside, good thing we’re not in California

The owner was pretty nice, showing us the smoker and rotating the rack to show us all the awesome meat inside.

Meat chopping table

Where the meat is separated into edible sizes.


Cornbread was a good moisture level with a good level of sweetness.

Creamed Spinach

Was never a huge fan of creamed spinach.  This creamed spinach didn’t make me a fan, but it didn’t make me hate it more either.

A pile of pulled pork.

Pulled pork was nice and juicy, one of my favorite items at this restaurant.  With a hit of bbq sauce it became a good balance of savory, sweet and acid.

Normal sweet sauce and spicy

The sauce is pretty good here.  The sweet is a bit on the sweet side and the spicy isn’t very sweet at all but with a big kick.  I’ve found it’s best to mix the two together, which creates a hybrid sauce that’s perfect.

Beef Brisket

Texas style beef brisket.  There’s a nice smoke ring around it.  This is a typical texas style lean cut of brisket.  I’ve never been a huge fan since it’s a bit on the dry side.  I much prefer a moist cut of brisket.  Go to Hill County BBQ on 26th St. In NYC for a good example.  Lean brisket though, lends itself well to mopping up bbq sauce, so make sure you put on enough hybrid sauce on this piece of meat.

Dino sized beef rib.

Beef rib was really good here.  This one thing that is usually not done well at other BBQ’s is beef ribs.  This beef rib is chewy, not overly dry and it’s saltiness and richness balances well with the sweet BBQ sauce.

Pork Ribs Ahoy!

Pork ribs were a little dry, also needs liberal BBQ sauce to kick up the taste.

It’s been a long time between my visit to Legends and this post. I remember it feeling like a midwest sports bar with pretty good BBQ.  I think if you skip some of the sides, this place is a pretty good value.  The service is really friendly and they’ll always have the game on.  So, good no frills BBQ with zero pretentiousness and a name that sounds like a strip bar.

Legends Bar and Grill

Address:  7104 35th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Phone: 718-899-9553

Hours: not sure.

Pricing: Med-Low for BBQ.

Food: BBQ with assorted sides.

Signature Dish: Pulled Pork and Beef rib were really tasty.

Facilities: Looks like a locally owned midwest sports bar.  The dining room is in the back, and has about 6-8 tables.  It’s not a place to go for a romantic meal, unless your idea of romance is putting down some serious BBQ while watching your favorite sports team at a bar.

Service: Incredibly friendly.  I’m not sure how it gets when busy though.

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