Wang Steak 王品牛排 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) – 2nd post

Crusty Grilled Tenderloin Seasoned with Rose Salt

I’ve been to Wang Steak in Taiwan numerous times and the fewd and service had been good and consistent and is never disappointing. My first post was taken with a normal digicam and the picture quality wasn’t so great. Well this time the pictures are taken with a DSLR camera with a macro lens so we get some in-your-face beef fat shots. Hope these pictures do the restaurant justice.

dining area

Pâté and butter for bread



complimentary orange juice

Seafood Mixed Vegetable Salad

smoked salmon roll salad

Oxtail Consomme with Pastry

Oxtail soup closeup

shrimp closeup

Truffle and Seafood Bisque

Crusty Grilled Tenderloin Seasoned with Rose Salt

side dishes – sweet potatoes, broccoli, and preserved plums

more beef shots

fatty fatty meat, oh so tender, oh so delicious

fruit plate

mango tart

Chocolate Lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Lava cake

Chocolate Lava cake

Chocolate Lava cake

iced coffee

coffee ice cubes

Our 1st review had a more detailed explanation of how the Wang Steak set menu works. Link:

The price of the set menu has gone up from 1200 NTD to 1300 NTD since my last visit in August 2010. Service level remained good and they upgraded some of their dishes, so I didn’t feel ripped off having to pay the additional 100 NTD. Scallops are added to the seafewd salad and more fruit items were added to the fruit plate.

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One thought on “Wang Steak 王品牛排 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) – 2nd post

  • Ariano

    Thanks for writing about those Stir-fry 100. I rembeemr passing by those kind of eateries, and never knew how to categorize them since they are not bars nor formal restaurants, and I generally felt too shy to enter because most of the patrons inside appears to be regulars. It kinda gives me the feeling of entering a dive bar where you better know what you want when you enter if you don’t want to feel too awkward. Now, I feel a little more prepared, haha.