Cow Cow and I went to this beautiful establishment in the financial district back in January, and I gotta say, it’s probably one of the best meals we’ve had in […]

Sho Shaun Hergatt – NYC

We wanted to make the picture/text area bigger so we can share bigger, prettier photographs with extra awesomeness with you loyal fewdblog fans. Here are some pictures from last Fall […]

a non food-related post

Met up with a few friends at the Buttermilk Channel for brunch.  One of our friends used to work here so we probably got better treatment than normal, but I […]

Butter Milk Channel – Brooklyn, NY

I keep telling myself that occasional seafood indulgence is totally acceptable and that I should practice this indulgence once every few months to keep my sanity. This time, we took […]

Aquagrill – NYC

Other than Blue Ribbon, Traif in Williamsburg is probably my favorite restaurant in New York. The best part of this restaurant is that their menu changes daily, is open till […]

Traif – Brooklyn, NY

You’re probably thinking what I thought when I first saw the package.  WTF right?  Or maybe you were thinking, where’s the hot and sour soup chips that comes with these […]

Archer Farms General Tso Thick Cut Chips

Was down for some BBQ but didn’t want to pay the crazy prices.  We found this place from five minutes of searching online.  This is definitely a local bar, but […]

Legends Bar & Grill – Queens, NY

Recently a cousin of mine was visiting the West Coast.  She asked me where the good places to eat were.  I sat down to write the email and it took […]

My LA guide

Our uber talented hotter-than-the-take-home-chef cow cow has been practicing his pizza making skills for a few months now, and today he made us a delicious tasting pizza with salami, fresh […]

Homemade Pizza Day