Perfect for the chilly weather – a large bowl of pho with tender beef slices, meatballs, tendon, and briskets. This is definitely one of our favourite places in Queens. Do […]

Pho Bang Resturant – Queens, NY

So it’s a been a long time.  My apologies to our 3 regular readers.  I’m so sorry that I went to Breslin in Manhattan and had a delicious lamb burger. […]

Breslin – NYC

NY style might be my fav.
When I moved to LA, I had come to the sad conclusion that there is no good pizza in LA.  I’ve eaten good pizza in the Midwest and Bay Area […]

Village Pizzeria – LA

The BBQ house (yes, the Owner is THAT creative) is located in the city of Hsiunchu, about 1.5 hours south of Taipei. The city is known for the Hsinchu Science and […]

The BBQ house – Hsinchu, Taiwan

Tower of smoked pork ribs
Lucille’s BBQ is similar to a Macaroni Grill but mostly exists in California (There is one in NV and AZ).  It’s a BBQ chain with a lot of good critical […]

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ (Long Beach)

Imitation sausage anyone?
Those of you in the know, know that Vietnamese sandwiches have been a delicious affordable way to have a meal in the LA area for some time now.  along with […]

Mr. Baguette (Los Angeles/Rosemead)